The 6th International Symposium on Growth of III-Nitrides (ISGN-6)  Young Scientist Award
Theme: Growth of InGaN well layer with an in-situ monitoring system
Title of Article: Evaluation of excess In during metal organic vapor-phase epitaxy growth of InGaN by monitoring via in situ laser scatterin
Name of Recipient: Mr. Tetsuya Yamamoto
ISGN-6 website:

Mr. Tetsuya Yamamoto, a student of Graduate School of Engineering at Nagoya University has received the Young Scientist Award from The 6th International Symposium on Growth of III-Nitrides (ISGN-6), which was held in Hamamatsu city on August 13th of 2015. The YSystems' YGrowthMonitor In Situ monitoring system (YGM) has been an essential tool to his research and contributed to his winning prize. Results show the potential of the YGM technology to enable the optimization of the growth conditions for In-rich InGaN.

A complete understanding of what is happening during epitaxy growth, and how to optimize the various growth parameters are still a big challenge. For example, quantum efficiency of light-emitting diodes (LED) will be considerably affected by the formation of indium droplets into InGaN during growth process, inducing a surface roughness. Consequently, being able to monitor the surface roughness can provide useful information that can led to an efficient way to quantity the incorporation of indium. However, Mr. Yamamoto reported that actual in situ monitoring systems are not sensitive to surface roughness. Using the YGrowthMonitor technology, which measures scattering light at multiple wavelengths, it is now possible to evaluate the surface roughness, which turns out to be a key parameter in the optimization of the growth process, as Mr. Yamamoto reported in his article.

According to Mr. Yamamoto, " In situ monitoring of laser scattering is a very useful to ensure quality control and reproducibility of InGaN layers grown by metal organic vapor-phase epitaxy (MOVPE). YGM is indispensable for my research and allows me to understand phenomenons which are essential in the development of novel methods to optimize growth conditions.

YSystems congratulate Mr.Yamamoto for his award and look forward to more collaboration in the future.

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