A 200mm measurement area phosphor wafer mapping system, one configuration of our YWafer RD8 lines, has been shipped to the Toshiba Corporate Research & Development Center.  

In order to obtain and map characteristics of these materials, our phosphorencence mapping systems (such as our smaller YB3 and YB4) implement a configuration such as used in typical phosphor-based light sources where blue light is partly transmitted from below the wafer, and yellow light is emitted from the absorbed portion.  (Click here for more information on the measurement method)

The standard configuration of these systems includes CIE parameterization of the total light emitted at several angles, as well as wafer thickness mapping, and features state of the art measurement reproducibility.  Optional interchangeable excitation light sources are also available.  Custom wafer adapaters, or other customization can typically be implemented without compromizing the core features of the RD8.

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