One of our latest models in the YWafer GS4 family of wafer mappers, with a full range of enhanced functions for mapping of photoluminescence, was delivered to Sharp Corporation.

Based on sophisticated optical metrology, the GS4 is more than ever customizable, providing the user with the optimal tool for measuring and mapping GaN-based wafer and more. As its predecessors,  the latest version of GS4 is designed to realize rapid, accurate, and highly reproducible measurement across a wide wavelength range and material systems. The GS4 can handle wafer sizes up to 100 x 100mm, and its built-in photoluminescence referencing technology enables the highest possible short and long term measurement stability and reproducibility.

Some possible extensions of the GS4 sysytem include up to 3 laser excitation sources, transmission and/or reflection sources and surface profiling for the measurement of epitaxial thickness, wafer curvature.  For more information our mapping products, please follow this link!


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