Since its first excimer laser photoluminescence excitation prototype in 2010, YSystems has been developping the ultimate deep ultra-violet (DUV) wafer mapping system for the emerging markets related to DUV-LEDs.  Based on our stable YWafer-GS4 platform and an air-cooled compact excimer laser source, this is a necessary tool for laboratories and industry aiming to enter these markets.  Deep ultra-violet emission and transparency of AlGaN-based epitaxy can now be measured and mapped rapidly and with high reproducibility.  Highlights include:

• Spectral emission measurement from 196nm
• Manual loading for any shape wafer up to 100x100mm (or with up to 100 UPH robotic handler option for 2, 4 inch wafers)
• All integrated system requiring only electric power utility
• Efficient simultaneous measurements (PL, transmission, reflection, thickness, curvature)
• System integrated optical references, fixed optics and other design optimizations for high measurement reproducibility


GS4-DUV-DESK (Image. Details are subject to change without notice)


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